Thursday, January 26, 2017

Spain: Margalef

the village in Margalef
the Laboratori
I was feeling sick and worn down after getting wet and cold every day in Slovenia. Team Steve House tends to work us pretty hard, and I wasn't going to kick the illness if I kept doing 4am alpine starts and 1000m vert on approach everyday. 

Erik and I decided to go to Spain to sport climb in the sun for 10 days. This is something I've always wanted to do, but put off because: I'm not good enough yet, or any number of other excuses.  Really there is no excuse, cost of living is cheap there, rock is pleantiful, Food and wine is incredible, and there are routes for everyone, from quality 5.9 to world class power routes to pumping enduro lines where you need a 100m rope. And all of this on a wider variety or rock types than I had imagined. 

Next time I hope to do some training first; going straight from alpine mode to full on try-hard-face is not very easy, and I had to (of course) adjust my expectations, let go of my ego, and just have fun exploring new places. 

We started out in Margalef, since it was one of the first stops on our way through Catalunya from Barcelona.

a guy trying First Round, First Minute.

First Round, First Minute and La Ley Innata at the Laboratory

A good crag to check out, if you on-sight 8a most of the time...
40 m enduro pitches, cobbles and tufas.

Pared de Espadelles with a few people trying sortof hard: (hangdogging the shit out of stuff)
one of the best sunny walls, 20-30m routes, way above town and stays out of the fog. 
Conglomerate cliffs lining the valleys.
Erik after our first good day of climbing
Tufa on cobble at espadelles

Romanesco Broccoli
Wine country, cheap wine, really good wine

A church in Munich before we flew to Barcelona. 

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