Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Ascent: Weasel Overdrive

1-5-16: Weasel Overdrive, First Ascent.

A huge thanks to Josh for discovering the crag and showing me around, and to Sam for equipping this beautiful route. And thanks to Mara for slogging the terrible approach over and over with me. I had to fight real hard and I'm proud that it came together.

The Stats:

4 or 5 redpoint attempts
12 miles of hiking and skiing on approach/deproach
2 redbulls consumed 
14 bolts + anchors
~45ft horizontal travel
3 broken holds
1 bleeding head wound
5 pairs of soaked pants
1 kneebar (2 if the ice is gone)
2 pairs of ripped pants
4 steinpulls(2 consecutively)
-zero figure fours/nines
-zero manufactured holds
ending with 15 feet of sweet, three-dimensional ice climbing

Forearm pump: very painful
This had great movement on positive, all-natural holds and more ice than your typical M-romp. I think it would be classic anywhere.  checks in around M11