Friday, March 24, 2017

Middle Teton, North Glacier ski

Looking up at the Middle.

At the end of March, my friends Eddie and Anna came up to the tetons from Boulder to do some skiing.  Conditions up high were stable but still very soft, and it would be a great time no matter what we chose to do. Since the North Face of the middle is one of the all time classics and none of us had done it, we decided to give that a go. 
   I was 5 weeks out on a broken arm, so I climbed up and skiied down with a brace on.
Eddie and Anna just as we got on the glacier.

in the soft snow we were able to skin most of the
way up the "couloir" portion of the face.
looking into Idaho through the rimed notch
 where we descended from. 
Anna with a watercolor phone, way above the valley.

We enjoyed good conditions on a classic descent!
Looking down the upper face at the Dike Pinnacle
Eddie skis the upper face. Super classic and exposed.

Eddie at our safe zone.
Anna and Eddie below the grand teton.