Friday, January 20, 2017

Slovenia: Vršič - Šitna glava ridge

Anze Klaric with the Alpine selfie.

This was the part of our Alpine Mentors trip where we got to pretend to be Slovenians, with the help of actual Slovenians, by climbing some really incredible Slovenian mountains. By this time I was sick, but decided to suck it up and get out anyway.  I was paired with Anze Klaric, the youngest member of the Slovenian mentorship program at 20 years old. He's a talented climber, but was also getting over an illness so we had similar goals in mind: Hard climb, minimal slogging on approach. Between coughing fits and spitting phlegm we managed to get up some really good routes, and it was a joy and an honor to climb with him in his home range. Lets just say that our senses of humor aligned well also: many a dick joke was made...


scrotum clenching overhanging choss on the crux lead.  Anze Klaric.
you can go around the roof at 5.2 or up at A3.  easy choice here. Anze Klaric

gendarmes. photo Anze Klaric
an interesting corner-groove that Anze led. It proved to be surprisingly technical.
following the corner.  photo Anze Klaric
photo Anze Klaric
photo Anze Klaric

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