Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall in the springs, and back in Lander

Mike the fresh G on Good Luck Mister Gorsky, 13b/c.  Moss Cave, Sinks Canyon

I've been in some harder classes, and basically all my time has gone into studying.  Keeping up sport conditioning is a small time commitment, and I've been able to get outside enough to keep the psyche. We ended up spending alot of time at Thunder Ridge, and also making a couple of trips to Lander. 
David Fay on Starlight, dynoing for the manta ray flake.  Sent this rig for my first 12 dogs.

Julian Kraus-Polk flashing Killer, 12c.
Managed to get up on Pikes Peak with Jack Rodat and do Blind Assumption, III M6 WI5.

Hanson gives it a naked lap at Thunder. 

Killer Cave

I got a cat in October. I went so soft.

mostly I've been doing this, sending Schrodinger's equation for the Hydrogen atom.

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